Fun, Fitness & Self Defence!

The benefits of learning karate are numerous. Fitness, confidence, focus, discipline and respect are among the many benefits of learning a martial art. We take great pride in sharing and teaching karate and believe that this ancient skill is an art form and that our students learn the beauty and technical prowess of that art form as they progress. Our students are encouraged to demonstrate good manners, respect, and understanding to help them be a positive part of our community.

Whatever your reason for wanting to learn karate, Ceberano Martial Arts Academy most likely has instructors and Dojos (schools) in your local area. Private tutoring is also available on request.

Our Shihan, or Master, is Paul Ceberano, the eldest son of karate legend Tino Ceberano. Paul first started karate at just 5 years of age and has been a karate teacher for over 20 years. Teaching karate is his passion in life, and he teaches both adults and children with equal enthusiasm.

Our instructors have all been trained personally by Paul, and all have experience in other martial arts which gives them a broader understanding of this ancient art. Read about our instructors and check out some of our photographs of instructor training.

To begin enjoying the fun and fitness of Goju Karate simply call us today on 03 9646 2821 or email us at

Many people see karate simply as a form of self defence. However there is so much more to be learned and enjoyed. The benefits of studying karate are much greater than you might realise.
Students are more focused, more confident, and more disciplined. Parents especially like the positive influence karate contributes to their child's development. Children learn about listening to instructions and working as a group.

There's also the fitness aspect. If you want to be healthy and toned, karate is a great form of exercise that's a lot of fun.

At Ceberano Martial Arts Academy, we have a long history with the Goju style of Karate. We teach traditional karate, according to the ways and principals of International Goju Karate, one of the most respected forms of karate in Australia.

The Head and Chief Instructor of I.G.K. is "Hanshi" Tino Ceberano, 8th Dan Black Belt, who studied under the legendary Gogen Yamaguchi who was appointed Grand Master by founder Chojun Miyagi himself.

Our aim is to make karate a great and rewarding experience for everyone who participates.

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